Tourist Places

Gadhamafi Dham

The Gadhamafi dham  is situated in Madhopur village and about 7 Km. from Gauriganj. The idol of Load Hanuman and…

Pateshwari Devi Temple
Pateshwari Devi Temple

Pateshwari  Devi Temple is a famous temple of district Amethi.

Nandhmahar Amethi
Nandmahar Dham

Nandmahar Dham is a famous place in Gauriganj. It is related to Lord Shri Krishna,Lord Balram, Nand Baba and Vasudev…

Jayasi Mazar
Malik Mohd Jayasi Mazar

Malik Mohhmand Jayasi was a famous sufi saint of medieval India. He belongs to Jayas of the district Amethi. He …